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March 22 to 28

Welcome back! I'm so glad to see that you've stopped by again.
This first tile is for SuzyMosh's "That's New to Me" Weekly Challenge. Our random letter this week was the letter "O" and I chose the original Zentangle tangle "Opus" with and aura.  The background for this one is called Spawn by Shoshi.

There will be more this week... hopefully... so please stop by again toward the end of the week.  See you then!

March 15 thru 21

This first one was done for I Am The Diva Weekly Challenge #209 The challenge was simply to add some green to our tile, in honour of St. Patty's Day.. I chose a special new-to-me tangle for this, Boo*Kee, which was developed by the Diva herself, Laura Harms CZT.  The other tangle you've seen me use before, Neuron by Beth Snoderly.  

I also used this for my submission to SuzyMosh That's New To Me Weekly Challenge.  Our random letter this week was the letter B, and I have never used Boo*Kee before this tile.

This next tile was for the Square One Focus. This week our focus was the tangle MOOKA. The background I used here is Florz.

As always THANKS for stopping by, and for the wonderful comments that you leave. I truly appreciate you!

March 8 - 14

This first tile has a border of XYP (pronounced zip) which is an Zentangle-Original tangle which was introduced by Maria Thomas.  Inside the border is Unbatz, a tangle by Sandy Hunter CZT. This tile was done for The DIVA'S Weekly Challenge #207

Taking center stage in this tile is a New-To-Me tangle called Acrosstick by CZT Ed Gucker. It is my entry to SuzyMosh's Thats New-To-Me-weekly-challenge. This weeks random letter is "A".

And one more.  This one for The Diva's Weekly Challenge #208

Please stop by again next week to see what I come up with! Thanks for checking out my blog, and for the wonderful comments you leave. The bring a smile to my face and brighten my day!

March 2nd & 4th

This week has given me very little Zentangle time, but I have manage to create a couple tiles. This first one was my submission to the Square One focus this week, which was the tangle "SeZ".  Along with SeZ, I used Neuron and Knights Bridge. I like the way this one came out, so I have submitted the string to Linda to add to the collection of strings on

This second tile is for SuzyMosh Creations "Thats-new-to-me-weekly-challenge" This week were were given the random letter H, and for my new-to-me pattern I chose Half Onions, which makes a nice border for this tile! Inside of the Half Onions border is the pattern Diva Dance, which is for the challenge in the "Wacky Zentangle Weekly Challenge" Facebook group.

Again, thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate the visit and the kind comments that you leave.