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May 29

The week the Diva challenged us to use ONLY straight lines. As fun as it was, this is my third attempt. It is more difficult to create a tile using nothing but straight lines.  I finally created one, so here is my entry to The Diva's Weekly Challenge #219

This next tile actually started out as 2 separate tiles, but due to the way things worked out, I combined them into one tile that I can actually use for three challenges! 
It started out with the letter R for Suzy Mosh's "That's New To Me" Weekly Challenge. But I was never able to get a tile that I liked enough to post for the challenge. Then the next challenge was the letter A.  In the meantime, the focus for the Square One: Purely Zentangle was RAIN (an Original Zentangle). So, RAIN covers last week's "R" challenge, then I found ALLIUM, by JJ LaBarbera as my new to me "A" tangle, and this is what I came up with.

Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know you were here.

May 25

I finish a new project today.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but it started out as some copper wire and beads.

The heavier wire is some random copper wire that I picked up at Lowe's. The finer wire is some copper wire that came in a wire wrap kit I bought YEARS ago for making wire decorations for scrapbooking.

OH! And my husband took me shopping for a new tool, because if I would have used his MAN size one, I would have her someone, or worse!  So we bought this tiny purrfect sized soldering torch that I can use for jewelry.

Work in Process.  You can see my new wrap bracelet and some of my tools in the background.

Since the girls (our cats) don't leave me alone to work on jewelry in the house, now that the weather in nice I set up my portable desk outside on the deck.

Another plus of working on the deck is the visitors we get.

Well, anyway, here is the finished piece.  And it even fits! LOL

So, that was this weeks biggest challenge. It's rough, but for a first piece I'm ra…

May 21

I'm finally back! Hopefully it won't be another month or so before I come here to update.  There's been a lot going on, including a wonderful vacation in Arizona! Maybe more about that later. In the meantime, here's a new tile I just finished. It's for Diva's Weekly Challenge #218, where we were challenged to use a white gel pen (I used Gelly Roll by Sakura) on black tile (I used an official Zentangle tile).  The tangles I used for this are Mooka and Zinger.

I thought maybe that was a little too simple, so I've changed it a bit. Which one do you prefer, the original or this one?

And here is black on white! Black Pigma Micron on white 3.5 x 3.5 Zentangle tile. Lightly shaded with regular graphite #2 pencil. And here again I used Mooka and Zinger.

Also, some of you know that I also make jewelry. I have entered a contest to win a book about making Vintage style Jewelry. Wish me luck!

I'll be back in a couple days with more. In the meantime, won't you pleas…