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February 25th

The Diva changed things up this week, and instead of giving us a pattern to use, she gave us a challenge to use materials that we had not used.
For the 200th Challenge, I was the lucky winner of official Zentangles, not just in white, but also in Renaissance and Black. And although I have played around on tan and black paper, I've never had or used real Zentangle tiles other than the original white. So this this week's Weekly Challenge by The Diva was the purrfect opportunity for me to use one of my new tiles, along with a Gelly Roll Gel Pen by Sakura.  I kept it pretty simple, since this was my first go at using a gel pen on a black tile. I like the results!

I think you'll be seeing more black tiles from me in the future.  And I might even get up the courage one day soon to try the Renaissance color too!
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February 20, 22nd & 23rd

This first tile is one that I did for this weeks "Its A String Thing" weekly challenge. We were given string #80 to use, and the patterns Kozy and Inaura.

This second tile is one that I did for the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus for the week, which was Strircles.  I not only have never used this pattern, I had never heard of it.  Officially, Strircles is an enhancer, so I used it with multiple patterns that include C-Scape, Wisket, Tipple, Wud and others.

This third tile was created for SuzyMosh Creations' "Thats-new-to-me" weekly challenge.  This week's random letter was "N", and I chose the pattern Neuron (by Bessamy Snoderly), with again a variation of C-Scape (by CZT Sue Olsen) as the border.

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February 15 & 16

This tile was inspired by a Joey's Weekly Challenge. The challenge this week is to draw circles, either in a pattern or random, with none overlapping, and each one filled with a different tangle.

This tile is for SuzyMosh's That's New to Me weekly challenge. This week's random letter was "S". The New-To-Me pattern I selected was Scrumble by Jane Monk CZT.  The second pattern on here is for the group Square One:Purely Zentangle weekly focus. This week's One is Huggins, which is a Zentangle-original tangle pattern from Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

February 13

This tile was for the DIVA's 204th Weekly Challenge, SuzyMosh's 6th weekly challenge "That's New To Me", and more. This week's random letter was W, and keeping with the upcoming Valentine's Day, I used a heart as my string, outlined with a ribbon version of WUD (CZT Margaret Bremner did this ribbon version) and an Original Zentangle pattern WELL. For Valentine's day I added a touch of red to the ribbon.
And keeping with traditional Zentangle, here is the same tile before I added the touch of red.
Working 6 days a week as I've been doing lately, is beginning to take it's toll I think.  But because Monday is a "holiday" for us, I will have Sunday and Monday off... WOO HOO! Hopefully I'll have more to post then.
Have a great weekend.... and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Thanks for your comments! They are appreciated.

February 8

This one, though another multi-purpose tile, was my submission for the Diva's weekly challenge. This week was a UMT (use my tangle) challenge, using Athitzi by Seven.

Check back soon. I will be making some changed to my blog. Since I can't keep up with it on a daily basis, I'm going to set up a different format.

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February 5th

This tile is for SuzyMosh Creations That's New To Me weekly challenge. This week we were given the random letter "M".  I chose three "New To Me" tangles: Mak-Rah-Mee by CZT Michele Beauchamp, Maylea by Simone Bischoff, and Munchin by Molly Hollibaugh.

February 1st

Today's tile is, aside from being a fun way to spend the afternoon and to do a bit of practice shading, was also my submission in response to Square One's One Focus which this week was Quandry.
This is done using black Pigma Microns pens, No.2 pencil for shading, and the tangles used are Quandry by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts (founders of Zentangle), Agua by CZT Christina Vandervlist, and Arukas by Molly Hollibaugh.

There are at least 3 more challenges ahead this week... SuzyMosh "That's New to Me", the Wacky Zentangle Weekly Challenge, and of course The DIVA'S Weekly Challenge.  Stay tuned to see what I do for those!