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June 13

These are some idea's I've been playing around with for bracelets.  The top one is copper on copper.  I think turquoise beads would be great with this copper one.
The bottom one is copper wire on painted aluminum. I'm already not fond of using painted aluminum wire for wire wrapping projects-it scratches too easily. This one will never be finished... there is no way to fix the scratches. But I am playing around with bead ideas, and it's always good to practice when learning something new!
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June 11

Well, I certainly haven't kept up with my blog.  In my own defense, I have been busy. Unfortunately some of it is not so good. The problems with my spine have continued to degrade. My Primary Care Dr. sent me for some x-rays. The results from the x-ray had my Pain Specialist Dr. send me for a myelogram and a CT scan. This picture is from the myelogram. This is the needle and the dye going into my spinal canal. See how the die gets brighter towards the bottom? That's because the dye is stopping there. The blockage is so severe, they couldn't even get the die to go down any further.

From my myelogram and ct scan. This one shows comparison of the space between some of the other lumbar vertebrae, in comparison to the space (or rather lack of) between L4 and L5.

 See how the one vertebrae has slipped forward from the one underneath it? And there is no space between those 2 vertebrae? It's not supposed to be like that. 

I met with my Pain Specialist this past Thursday, June 9th…