February 20, 22nd & 23rd

This first tile is one that I did for this weeks "Its A String Thing" weekly challenge. We were given string #80 to use, and the patterns Kozy and Inaura.

This second tile is one that I did for the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus for the week, which was Strircles.  I not only have never used this pattern, I had never heard of it.  Officially, Strircles is an enhancer, so I used it with multiple patterns that include C-Scape, Wisket, Tipple, Wud and others.

This third tile was created for SuzyMosh Creations' "Thats-new-to-me" weekly challenge.  This week's random letter was "N", and I chose the pattern Neuron (by Bessamy Snoderly), with again a variation of C-Scape (by CZT Sue Olsen) as the border.

Thanks for stopping by. And to those of you who leave comments, THANK YOU! You comment are truly appreciated and motivating.


  1. I really like your last tile! Maybe also because I tried Neuron as well ;-) but I think your choice of patterns works bettter together then what I chose.

    1. I found Neuron to be a LOT of fun. I'm glad I found it. I will definitely be using it again.

  2. I like Neuron! I haven't tried that one yet. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

    1. That's one of the great things about your challenge. We get to look for a new pattern that we haven't used before! And sometime we end up finding a new one that's really FUN to do!

    2. Oh, that's the coolest way I've ever seen strircles done. Love the various tangles you filled it in with, Nice going!


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