February 13

This tile was for the DIVA's 204th Weekly Challenge, SuzyMosh's 6th weekly challenge "That's New To Me", and more. This week's random letter was W, and keeping with the upcoming Valentine's Day, I used a heart as my string, outlined with a ribbon version of WUD (CZT Margaret Bremner did this ribbon version) and an Original Zentangle pattern WELL. For Valentine's day I added a touch of red to the ribbon.

And keeping with traditional Zentangle, here is the same tile before I added the touch of red.

Working 6 days a week as I've been doing lately, is beginning to take it's toll I think.  But because Monday is a "holiday" for us, I will have Sunday and Monday off... WOO HOO! Hopefully I'll have more to post then.

Have a great weekend.... and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! 
Thanks for your comments! They are appreciated.


  1. Nice drawing! Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  2. cool! I really like your wud here. It's so bold, with the center line being thick and dark. Lovely! Lots of depth with your shading, too!

  3. The one with the red is my favorite!

  4. This is beautiful and works great for both challenges!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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