February 25th

The Diva changed things up this week, and instead of giving us a pattern to use, she gave us a challenge to use materials that we had not used.

For the 200th Challenge, I was the lucky winner of official Zentangles, not just in white, but also in Renaissance and Black. And although I have played around on tan and black paper, I've never had or used real Zentangle tiles other than the original white. So this this week's Weekly Challenge by The Diva was the purrfect opportunity for me to use one of my new tiles, along with a Gelly Roll Gel Pen by Sakura.  I kept it pretty simple, since this was my first go at using a gel pen on a black tile. I like the results!

I think you'll be seeing more black tiles from me in the future.  And I might even get up the courage one day soon to try the Renaissance color too!

Thanks for stopping by, and for your wonderful comments! I hope to hear from you again soon.


  1. Beautiful! It's nice to explore the white on black :-)

  2. that's so nicely done. The colour makes the curves stand out so well :)
    Rachy https://flyinpinkmunki.co.uk/crafty

  3. Working in white on black is so different, it's almost like learning a new language. You've done a nice job!

  4. You have chosen nice tangles for this black tile.

  5. Beautiful!!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy


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