June 15th

Happy Monday!  And welcome to a brand new week.  I hope you had the kind of weekend that you hoped to have.  One of the things that I was able to enjoy was a visit with my daughter in her "private sanctuary".  She has done an amazing job of transforming her backyard.

What you don't see here is off to the right...her vegetable garden!  What a green thumb!  Artichokes, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, carrots, beans and  
so on.  Oh, and she even has a strawberry patch.  
Oh... and I used the Rotisserie again. This time to cook a whole, marinated chicken. And OH MY!! It was so yummy!

Now for this weekend's ZIA tile.  From Suzy's "That's New to Me! Weekly Challenge the random letter this week was "R". "R" was  a duplicate,  so we were also challenged to use at least one tangle from the featured artist, who this week was Lily Popcheff.  Aside from that challenge, the focus of the Square One: Purely Zentangle FB Group was Flux.  So I covered all three by using Snuggles by Lily Popcheff, Roel by Judy Murphy and Zentangle-Original tangle Flux.  What do you think?

There's also another weekly challenge-Joey's Weekly Challenge and we are doing a monotangle challenge using the letters of the alphabet.  I missed last week, so had some catching up to do.  For last week we were challenged to use Arakus, and this week it is Bunzo.  I am using tiny Bijou tiles for the alphabet challenge.  I hope she will start over again at A when we get through all the letters.. keep it going as long as she can!

And then there was the the Diva's Challenge which this week was to use COLOUR in out tile.

That's it for this week.  Please check back next week for more. Who knows what next week will bring!  Hugz~n~Purrz, Cat


  1. Your tile looks as though each tangle is rolling into the next one. Great work, but you made me Hungary with all your talk of food. What a beautiful garden, I am hopeless at getting things to grow I do admire your daughter.

  2. Your tile is very beautiful, nice contrasting patterns. Love how you used Snuggles :)

  3. Your daughter has amazing talent, must take after Mama.

    The oven seems to be a great and creative choice!

    Still diddling with doodles, nothing the rest of the world should see.

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  5. Way to combine challenges! and great choice of patterns! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  6. Your lines on the Bijou tiles are so crisp and straight. I'm very impressed. :) They're lovely.

  7. The precision of your lines is wonderful, on all these tiles. and what a great idea, using bijou tiles for the Joey ABC challenge...awesome!

  8. Really nice artwork! I'm so glad that you'll be continuing with my Alphabet Monotangle challenges! The collection of tiny tiles will look fantastic in the end!
    ~ joey ~


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