A New Year - A New Idea

WOW! I haven't been here since October?  It doesn't seem that long. I guess I was busier with the holidays than I thought. The saddest part is that I didn't even take pictures of the gifts that I made for family and friends to share with you.  I really must do better.

One thing that will help is that I will delete my other blog, then I won't feel guilty if I update one and not the other.  So you will start seeing more than just my ZIA here.  You will see some of my other loves as well.
You might start seeing stories about "the girls", the 4 cats that we have the honour of serving in our house:

You might see stories about the Gunnar, the rescue dog we adopted from Texas this past November:

Or you might see the latest piece of jewelry that I have created:

Hopefully you will see picture of my journal.  I hope to incorporate lots of fun things in my art journal.. including, of course, Zentangles and ZIA.

I'll be back SOON with more updates.


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