Day Ten, Nine and Eight

Today I was able to combine several challenges at once... SuzyMosh challenge to learn a new tangle with the letter "C", Square One to create a tile using 'Nzeppel, and the new Sting #139 from  I used 2 new tangles that begin with "C", Chard and Cockles 'N Mussels.

Here is another combination tile. Day 9 in the "One Zentangle a Day" course was to make a black Zentangle tile. Well, I didn't have a black tile, but I had some black construction paper so it will have to do. I'm not happy with this, but here is my puzzle. I do like the concept, so I think I will redo it on white. I do want to save up for some black tiles though.. to see what they are like. And I need some tortillions.... I tried to make some. That did not go well at all...LOL

This was day nine that I put in my tangle a day calendar. It was also a tile for one of the weekly challenges I do... It's a String Thing.  The string we were assigned was #74, and the tangles to use for this challenge were: 

Kiss by Katie Booth
Lealad by Lily Moon
Twizted by CZT Terri Brown

Day 8 of the 6 week course how tonal ranges, lights and shadows, can turn a flat line drawing into a dimensional shape.  Our tangles for the day were Vega and Purk. Unfortunately I ran out of time and did not get this tile shaded. I am in desperate need of some tortillions for shading. I've been using q-tips and twisted pieces of paper. They just aren't working. 

So there you have it..days 8, 9, and 10.  However, as I am typing this it is now January 11th, so I'd better get busy on day 11's tangles!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. You keep me motivated.  Please leave a comment and let me know you were here.  Stop by again and check my progress on my tangled journey through 2015!


  1. Way to combine challenges! I know sometimes the amount of challenges you're in can become overwhelming. That's why I started mine to start on Sunday when most people have time to draw. Thanks for taking part in Week 2!

  2. Thanks SuzyMosh! I'm starting to learn that combining challenges on to one tile can be a time saver when I am trying to juggle things around.

  3. Grat work, nice to see your challenge tiles together!

  4. Very nice tiles :-) I like the last one with the contrast on it!

    1. Thank you, Sandra. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I've been a little overwhelmed this week. I do appreciate the comments. They definitely help keep me motivated.

  5. Oh! You're going thru the One Zentangle a Day course! Isn't it informative and interesting? I have been enjoying that book for a LOT longer than six weeks at this point. Each new concept, and every new pattern, I explore for several days, and sometimes take a break from it to work on other things.

    I like how you've used carp in your New To Me tile. It's got that 3D thing going, with the shading, and it combines well with the n'zeppel. And truly, your black tile with the colored puzzle on it is really cool. Fun to look at and interesting.

    1. Thank you HeidiSue! Your comments are very encouraging and motivating. I hope I finish the book this time around. And I just ordered a new book this weekend, one about shading. I also ordered a nice set of sketching pencils, some tortillions, erasers, etc. I'm excited! They should be here about the middle of this week.

  6. All these tiles are very pretty - and the C's are great choices :)

    ~ Diane Clancy


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