Keto Challenge Catch-up Days

I REALLY need to work harder to get here to update every day, or at least every other day.  It's harder with each passing day to get caught up.

Let me start by telling you about Friday, June 2.  My husband met me when I got off work, as did my oldest children's grandmother, my "mom".  We then headed to my youngest grandson's high school graduation.  The only thing I can tell you about Friday is the day at work was hectic and the evening was full of excitement and, of course, tears.

I can't remember exactly what I had to eat that day, but I can tell you my husband and I tried to stick with foods that are allowed on my Keto challenge.

Saturday lunch I made a Keto pizza.  OH MY!!! It was so surprisingly good!

I was blown away.  Seriously, I felt like I was cheating even though this recipe was right of the challenge itself!  I think that is what has surprised me the most. The food is so good that you feel like you are being "naughty" and falling off the challenge wagon.

Saturday night was just as much of a surprise.  Baked "jerk" chicken drumsticks.

It was also surprisingly YUMMY!! I can eat pizza, oven "fried" chicken drumsticks, and so much more.  

I should mention that by this weekend I was past the "Keto flu". A few days after you start a REALLY reduced carb way of eating, you start feeling a little under the weather.  If you want more information about "Keto flu" let me know and I'll give you some resources to help explain it to you.

The pizza that we had on Saturday was so good that we decided to have a pizza for lunch on Sunday also!  Having made it previously, I decided to try a couple things a little differently. It came out even better than the one on Saturday!

Sunday supper was pork shoulder chops with a chipotle marinade, with a side of green beans, sauted in bacon fat and mixed with avocado, green onion and spices. So GOOD.

Once again, no disappointment with the food at all. I would have never thought to fry avocado with green beans, but let me tell you, it WORKS!

Tonight was another surprise, chicken skewers, celeriac "fries, and an amazing spinach dip to go with it all.

In case you were wondering if this whole "Ketogenic" thing was working, yes it IS.  When I started, I weighed in at 181.2. This morning I was 177.2. That's down FOUR POUNDS in 1 week.  Now I know that kind of weight loss won't continue, but it was really nice to see the loss after the first week. It definitely helps motivate a person to continue!

I still want to tell you about the cats, both our indoor (we have four) and the outside kitties (currently 3 plus 2). Until I am able to make the time to tell you about all the cats, here is a teasers:

I hope your days are wonderful! Stop by again soon?  And while you are here, won't you please leave a comment?  Ask a question, leave a suggestion, or just say "hi".

Until next time, THANK YOU!


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