Keto Challenge Day One

First for the hard part... the beginning stats.  My official starting weight as of Sunday May 28 was 181.2, and I did take pictures... I just don't have the courage to post them.  I took the pictures wearing yoga pants and tank top. NOT a pretty sight, but an honest one.  I also measured my waist and thigh, just another way to help track my progress.

Off to a great start so far!  For breakfast I had a couple of fried eggs. Nothing exciting, but a protein packed start to the day.  Lunch was a nice "Caesar" salad. I didn't have Romaine, so used spring greens instead, topped with chicken, bacon, grated Parmesan cheese and the dressing from the recipes in the challenge that I am doing.

Dinner was really good!  It was salmon with a chili/parmesan dressing on a bed of spinach sauted in butter.  YUM!!!!  

If the food continues to be as good as this, I am really going to enjoy this challenge!

My husband is also enjoying the food.  Not that he is necessarily following the challenge, he does eat other foods as well. However it is really nice that I don't have to fix two separate meals.  With some other "meal plans" I've tried in the past, we have not necessarily enjoyed the food.  This time is very different.  We are really enjoying the food so far.

Thanks for stopping by! Won't you leave a word or two of encouragement?

See you again soon!


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