Day 27

I think I'm kidding myself about updating this blog every day.  Right now I am going to re-focus and try for a more realistic update of each weekend.  That way I can post anything that I have done the previous week.

In the meantime, today I submitted my tile for the "It's a String Thing" #77 on the Tickled to Tangle blog by Adele Bruno, CZT. Please check out her link either by clicking on the link on the right border of my blog, or click HERE

We were to use String #077 by Barbara Finwall, and any or all of the following tangles: 
Heartrope by Bunny Wright
Heartstrings by Helen Williams
Heartvine by Lori Howe
Luv-a by CZT Sharon Coforio

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to see you this weekend when I update with the rest of this week's tiles and tangles.


  1. What a beautiful tile. I love the way you made a pattern out of luv-a. And all the auras on heartrope gives it a cresent moon feel. Lovely!


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