Days 13 thru 18

Well, I didn't do a good job of keeping up this week, did I!  Let's hope that I can do a better job in the future.  Having never done a blog before, I didn't have a clue what to do. And because it is so new, it's not something that used to be part of my daily routine, so I'm still at the point where I need to find/make time to update it.

I did have something very exciting happen.  I got an email today from The DIVA!  I won a surprise for participating in her 200th weekly challenge! It is rare that I win anything. In fact I'd be hard pressed to tell you what I've ever won, or when. I'm very excited!! I'll let you know what the surprise is once I know.

In the meantime, here are a few of the things I've been working on this week

Day 13

This was for Day 13 in my calendar, and also my entry into the Tickled to Tangle "It's a String Thing" #75.  The patterns we were given for this week were Bales, Echoism, Ennies, and Pokeleaf.

And because I was so far behind this week, I photographed days 14 and 15 together.

For day 16, a very simple tile.

That brings us to today, Sunday  1/18/2015.  Here is today's messy entry to my Zentangle a Day calendar.  The bad news is this is VERY messy.  The good news is I am finally caught up.

Now to get started on the current week.  There's already a couple challenges posted.. the letter "V" in SuzyMosh "that's new to me" challenge, and to tangle using a word for the Wacky Zentangle Weekly Challenge.

Check back soon, and watch my progress!


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