January 1, 2015

This was that last tile I made for 2014. It kind of reminded me of fireworks.

Rick and Maria started Zentangle. To learn about the Zentangle Method please visit their website:
I am not a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), just someone who really enjoys the entire Zentangle experience.  I have to admit, though, that I have a dream of attending a CZT Seminar. It's not because I hope to teach, although I would love to volunteer to teach some children, or seniors, or... But I think the experience of a CZT Seminar would be a once in a lifetime event that I would never forget!  My birthday is June 21, and this year they have a Seminar that runs from June 21 -24.  I hoping that I can come up with ideas to raise the money to attend! Any ideas?

Do a Tangle a Day 2015

Now for my challenge. I have set a goal for myself to do at least 1 tangle tile each day throughout the entire year.

When I first started tangling this is the book I bought.

I still refer to it now and again. The odd thing is though, that as valuable as I consider this resource to be, I never finished the whole 6 weeks! So I begin my 2015 Tangled Journey by following this 6 week course.  I don't know yet whether or not I will post each day, or just a weekly summary with the tiles for the week. It will probably depend on how much time I have.  This "Do a Tangle a Day" goal is not the only daily goal I have set for myself this year. The again, as Rick and Maria, founders of Zentangle would say:

Anything is possible - one stroke at a time

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